About Us

Our Story:

Why Argentina Wine? In 2008, Ralph Fäsi visited Mendoza, Argentina for the first time and simply fell in love with the local Malbec. This powerful and well-structured wine impressed him, especially with the similarities to his own Syrah creations in the USA. He wanted to become a part of this new and exciting evolution. With some friends, he invested in two wineries, where Karim Mussi is the wine maker and enjoyed the makings of ultra-premium wines. That is when FÄSI ARGENTINA was born. He decided to bring these wines – under his own label – and make them available to his customers in the USA as well as Europe.

The FÄSI ARGENTINA story is part of a larger story of the burgeoning Argentine wine trade. FÄSI ARGENTINA continues to draw attention to the Mendoza wine country and raise the perception of quality for Argentine wines in general. Karim Mussi, FÄSI ARGENTINA’s winemaker says, “We are giving people the chance to understand Argentina through the wine—how we eat, what music we like, etc. It’s a great cultural ambassador.” The FÄSI ARGENTINA story does not only appeal to a ever-growing wave of wine enthusiasts, it also confirms for wine consumers in general that Argentine wines are a big part of what’s driving the revolution.

Everything we do at FÄSI ARGENTINA —everything our hands touch—is driven by an individual concept for each label. We make wine that speaks distinctly of the place where it originates. Which only makes sense, since FÄSI ARGENTINA wines are crafted in the finest wine grape growing region in Argentina. Uco Valley, in the Mendoza wine country, is blessed with the extraordinary advantages characteristic of the area, including high altitudes in the Andean Foothills, excellent sun exposure with moderate temperatures, and pristine mountain water for irrigation.

Farmed sustainably, the vineyards are made up of the original root stocks. Natural fertilizer is created by combining winter cover crops and pressed grape skins. The rows are mowed rather than sprayed for weeds and the vines are harvested by hand. Close, careful interaction with the fruit continues in the FÄSI ARGENTINA winery. Harvested clusters are kept intact from the sorting table to the press to ensure varietal purity.

The Grapes:
The grapes of FÄSI ARGENTINA’s white wine are grown in Cafayate, Salta, the very north region of Argentina, which is located at an astonishing altitude of 5,700 feet. The desert climate, combined with the significant elevation, provide the ideal environment to grow an amazingly fruitful, yet dry, Torrontés wine.

The grapes of FÄSI ARGENTINA’s red wines are grown in Mendoza – La Consulta, Uco Valley – the premier wine growing region of Argentina. The vineyard is located at an altitude of 2,800 feet, about 65 miles to the south of the state capital. These grapes produce a wonderfully elegant yet powerful character, exploding with dark fruit aromas and intensely satisfying flavors for each of our red wines.

Crafting the Wine:
Our winemaker, Karim Mussi, crafts premium wines, in typical Argentinian style but with magical twists, always reaching for the next level of excellence. FÄSI ARGENTINA has a different strategy and packaging for each brand, which communicates the enological differences that each wine brings. The current portfolio establishes the enological basis for further growth, ensuring consistent style and quality year after year. To create the masterpiece that is FÄSI ARGENTINA, Karim joined forces with his friend, Federico Isgro. Their combined efforts make for a solid team with extensive experience in Argentinian and foreign wine making.

FÄSI ARGENTINA’s wines are fermented in small cement tanks and aged in oak barrels for 10 to 18 months. Winemaker Karim Mussi, along his team, stay in contact with the wine daily; observing and learning from each lot as it evolves toward its fullest expression. It’s an artisan approach, steeped in tradition, with respect for the fruit and the land. We listen for—and amplify—the way the varietal and clones express themselves on a piece of land, bringing the rewarding elements of each distinct terroir.